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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stop The Insanity In Sacramento

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results.

So voters of the 15th State Senate district, you have repeatedly elected both Republicans and Democrats to the legislature. Statewide in the last 3 election cycles every incumbent that was allowed to run for re-election was re-elected by the voters.

Your actions say you are happy with the “representatives” because you continue to elect and re-elect them every two years.

Or, perhaps you are not happy with the legislature. Polls say you are very unhappy with the budget problems created by the Democrats and the Republicans. The approval rating of the Legislature is at record lows. Ditto for the Governor.

The fastest growing segment of voters are registering “Decline to State”, our government’s bureaucratic name for Independent voters. People are leaving the Democratic and Republican Parties in record numbers because they know career Democrats and career Republicans have created this budget mess.

Albert Einstein also once remarked “thinking that led to the problem is insufficient to create the solution”. The budget mess was created by career Democrats and career Republicans. Do any of you think they are going to create the solution?

Career Democratic and Republican politicians created this mess. And who do the Republicans and Democrats offer up in this special election to create a solution to the budget mess: 2 more career politicians. Are you kidding me?!!!

Perhaps it is time to try something new. Perhaps it is time to elect someone who is not part of the problem. Perhaps it is time to elect someone who is not a career politician. Perhaps it is time to elect someone to the 15th State Senate district who didn’t create the budget mess we’re in now.

My name is Mark Hinkle. I’m a small businessman, struggling to grow my business in a very bad economy created by the Democrats and the Republicans. I am not bought and paid for by the special interests that rule Sacramento. I am running as a Libertarian. That means I’m fiscally conservative, i.e. I know how to say no to spending and I am socially tolerant, i.e. I know how to say no to government meddling in your personal life.

Sanity or insanity. The choice is yours.